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Power Paging Company History

Power Paging Inc. is telephone answering service owned by Stephen Tischman. Steve has been with the company for over 46 years but his love of the business goes back even further. Steve’s dad was also in the business, starting his company in 1948! As a small boy Steve remembers driving around with his dad making sales calls on Doctors when their offices were often in their house. Steve’s dad would offer his telephone answering service to the doctors only to be told that they had someone to take care of that. That “someone’ was usually the doctor’s wife – so even if the doctor himself didn’t get up in the middle of the night, he expected his wife to do so. Steve’s dad had a brainwave that transformed his business – rather than visiting the doctors and offering his medical answering service, he started talking to the doctor’s wives and offering them the same service. Of course, the doctors signed up for the service after speaking to their wives and the rest is history! 46+ years later Steve’s company is still providing a 24/7 live answering service for Doctors, Medical Offices and a variety of other Businesses.

Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Services
Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
We provide telephone answering services to a variety of medical practices, such as doctors, dentists, general practitioners, and specialists as well as to businesses.
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
46 Years experience!
Individualized programs!
No long term commitment!


Telephone Answering Experts

The telephone answering specialists at Power Paging are very special people! The average tenure for our call center personal is over 10 years - some of the staff have over 20 years of experience in handling incoming telephone calls and taking messages!

Unlike many of our competitors all of our staff are required to complete months of training before they start answering your phone calls. We do this to make sure they get to know not just the business of telephone answering but also the clients and their individual needs. To us it’s very important that each of our telephone answering specialists get to know each account personally and can handle their incoming calls with an individualized personal touch.







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