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Telephone Answering Services for Dentists and Chiropractors

Dentists and Chiropractors have their own special requirements when it comes to answering telephone calls. Because each phone answering plan Power Paging Inc. constructs is individualized to meet specific customer’s needs we can cover those special requirements easily. As with our other medical call center clients our telephone answering specialists have each undergone months of training to make sure that the incoming call procedure for our Dentists and Chiropractors complies fully with HIPAA.

Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Services
Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
We provide telephone answering services to a variety of medical practices, such as doctors, dentists, general practitioners, and specialists as well as to businesses.
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
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Dentists and Chiropractors Offices

  1. Dentists and Orthodontists
    • Does the caller have a dental emergency or do they need to book their 6 month cleaning? Our telephone answering specialists get to know your business and are trained to know the difference between an emergency and a routine call. In either case your calls are handled 24/7 and the message gets through to you efficiently and in the manner you request.

  2. Chiropractors
    • Customized telephone answering plans from Power Paging Inc. for Doctors of Chiropractic ensure that your patient’s messages get through to you. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger medical group one of our individualized live answering programs will work for you.






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