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Telephone Answering Services - How It Works

Are you ready to try Power Paging Inc. for telephone answering needs? Here is what you need to know:

  • There are no long term contracts to sign - all our telephone answering and call center plans operate on a month-to-month basis to give you the absolutely most flexible service possible.

  • Each telephone answering plan is customized to suit your specific needs - our telephone answering specialists pay attention to what you want and craft an individual call center program to suit.

  • The schedule you pick is completely flexible from month-to-month - if you need more telephone answering services to cover for a special event you order more services; if you need fewer services because of an extended absence you order less services.

  • Telephone answering services are invoiced monthly.

Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Services
Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
We provide telephone answering services to a variety of medical practices, such as doctors, dentists, general practitioners, and specialists as well as to businesses.
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
46 Years experience!
Individualized programs!
No long term commitment!


Getting Started with Power Paging

Please call us toll-free now at 800-395-0888 to get started! After your initial consultation with one of our telephone answering specialists we’ll set you up on a customized telephone answering plan.

After the first month you’ll be able to adjust your fully customizable call center plan to encompass any schedule changes or to add additional services.






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