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When your message has to get through!

Power Paging Inc. is telephone answering company based in Monmouth County NJ. Over the years the way we perform our services has changed – from switchboards and type-written cards to computer scheduling and voice mail, but the services we provide haven’t changed that much. We still answer phone calls and take messages and make sure those messages get through to the intended recipient. Our telephone answering specialists get to know each client and our customized phone answering plans ensure that the correct message gets through.

Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Services
Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
We provide telephone answering services to a variety of medical practices, such as doctors, dentists, general practitioners, and specialists as well as to businesses.
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
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Industries Served - Power Paging Personaizedl Messaging Service
46 Years experience!
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Telephone Answering and Call Center Services

Our services:

  1. Answering telephones
    • The core of our business is answering your phone calls when you are unable to do so. We’ve been answering telephones 24/7 for more than 46 years and know how to treat the caller and the recipient.

  2. Virtual receptionist
    • “Virtual receptionist” is just a more modern name for what our telephone answering specialists have been doing for 46 years – we handle your incoming calls and make sure that your messages get forwarded to you in a timely efficient manner.

  3. Voice mail
    • Voice mail has been a terrific boon for businesses of all sizes but sometimes the caller needs to speak to a live person. Power Paging Inc. offers your client the option of either leaving a message via voice mail or speaking to a live person if the call is urgent or an emergency. We’re always there for you and your clients.

  4. Taking messages
    • Answering a phone is not the end of the process for our telephone answering specialists. Making sure that the message is taken in the correct format and reaches the intended recipient is just as important.

  5. Order taking
    • Sometimes you really don’t need to speak to your client particularly if they are calling in a repeat order or booking tickets for an event. We can answer your calls, take down the relevant details of the order and forward at your convenience.

  6. Appointments
    • Our telephone answering specialists can handle all your appointment filling needs. Whether you are a doctor , a dentist or a boiler repair man you don’t need to get bogged down with an appointment book – tell us what information you need and we’ll care take of filling your appointment book.






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